I received this from UL today. I believe this supports my proposal (E3450) to the Fl. Build. Comm. to delete Section 2705 of the FBC that adds an exception to 680.22(B) of the NEC. My hope is this provision being added to the UL standard will get the Florida Pool and Spa lobby in line with the NEC requirement.

Here is a question posed to UL from the Central Florida IAEI Division from their last meeting and the answer. This is just an FYI.

Question from floor:

Are pool pumps and spa pumps required per UL 1081 to be installed on a GFCI circuit in residential installations? This will be for both cord connected and permanently connected. The AHJ's would like a technical decision due to the Florida Building Code is not requiring the pump to be installed on a GFCI.

Answer from UL resources:

As for Florida exempting GFCI requirements of the 2008 NEC 680.22(B), several inspectors throughout the State of Florida have been using 2008 NEC 110.3(B) to enforce the GFCI requirements for pool pumps.

680.22 Area Lighting, Receptacles, and Equipment.
(B) GFCI Protection. Outlets supplying pool pump motors from branch circuits with short-circuit and ground-fault protection rated 15 or 20 amperes, 125 volt or 240 volt, single phase, whether by receptacle or direct connection, shall be provided with ground-fault circuit-interrupter protection for personnel.

110.3 Examination, Identification, Installation, and Use of Equipment.
(B) Installation and Use. Listed or labeled equipment shall be installed and used in accordance with any instructions included in the listing or labeling.

Currently, there are numerous manufacturers of pool pump motors that have GFCI requirements within their installation instructions and therefore 110.3(B) is applicable.

Unfortunately, until 5/28/2011, it is not a violation of UL 1081 for a UL Listed pool pump motors not to include the GFCI requirements within the installation instructions.

I have to stress that pool pump motors manufactured after 5/28/2011 and Listed to UL 1081 installed on a 15 or 20 ampere, 125 volt or 240 volt, single phase branch circuits shall be installed with GFCI protection. So in view of this it would be in violation of both the UL 1081 Standard as well as NEC Sections 680.22(B) and 110.3(B) when not installed with GFCI protection.

Inspectors should always require installation instructions of electrical equipment as part of the electrical inspection to properly ensure that 110.3(B) is complied with.

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